The difference between recurve bow and compound bow, please refer Archery knowledge
Traditional bows mostly for advance learner. For beginners, better to learn recurve bows

We have Individual classes, Tuition Fee is $580 per hour. Time and coach can be arrange individually

Youngest age is 12 Years old for the beginner class; But There is no restriction for individual classes, as long as children are able to follow the instructions, 4 years old can join the class.

Completed the lessons of basic movements and practicing for a period of time, You can go outdoors to practice long distances and try the competition if appropriate by coach advice.

The first competition for recurve new player is the rookie competition. Rules depends on the organizer instruction. It is usually two rounds of 18 meters, with 80cm three-color six-ring target paper, 36 arrows per round; it can also be 25 meters and 18 meters each. Generally, you can participate the competition after practicing for three months to six months.

No own equipment require for Beginners and Intermediate students, If for Advance class, you have your own equipment is recommended

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