Our story began in March 2012. Out of my archery dream, I was full of enthusiasm and courage. I used very limited resources to open our first 1000ft2 indoor archery center.



My amazing journey has started since then. It was a one-man band at the beginning of the opening: ordering, receiving goods, putting on shelves, teaching classes, decoration, maintenance, cleaning, enrollment, design, web pages, flyers, cards, courses, publicity…… Sometimes I did not even have time to eat but I have been enjoying it.


As we were probably the only indoor archery center, our center has started getting full bookings after 9 months with the blessing of God and the support from all of you. That sent us to look for bigger space for expansion.


In December 2012, we moved to the current site with 3,500 square feet of space. From then on, we have beginner, intermediate, and senior classes. With more systematical training, members have repeatedly achieved success and won numerous awards.



















We had a good result for all the competition, 90% are the champion in our team !



Number of Member keep increasing with outstanding result . Our goal is HK representative team


In May 2016, we expanded further by renting the next block to more than 7,000 feet of venue. There are twenty 18m shooting lanes and six 12m shooting lanes, allowing 26 shooters to practice at the same time.



In 2021, our grand plan will be set up in Kowloon Bay. 8000 sq. feet venue and even shoot 30m.


 Golden Trust Founder


The founder of the center, Rocky, came into contact with archery in a camp in 1994 and learned to shoot from master KM Lau. Since then, he has forged an indissoluble bond with archery. Since there was no indoor archery range in Hong Kong back then, every time he went uphill to practice would be affected by the weather, and there was no practice area at night. So Rocky opened an indoor archery range, hoping to practice every day without being affected by time and weather.













     Champion in Macau 2018


   Rocky - our Indoor record holder



   All in the yellow at 90m 

We have our own preferences, our own principle and our own beliefs.
Keeping to our original aspiration will lead us to success. Way to go!