Guidelines For Participants

1. The coach may request the participants to show their ID.

2. Only the participants himself/herself are to participate the course, no substitutions are allowed.

3. Arrangements under bad weather: Lessons will be cancelled when No.8 Typhoon Signal or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted 2 hours before the lessons starts. There will be no substitute lessons. Lessons will be as usual when No.3 Standby Signal, Amber and Red Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted. (HKO Hotline:1878200)

4. Please take good care of our equipment and abide to our venue guidelines; Or else we have the right to terminate the service, without refunds.

5. Smoking is not allowed on our premises.

6. Participants should not wear sandals or slippers, as well as loose clothing.

7. To avoid causing disturbance to others, please turn off or switch your cell phones to silent mode during lessons, if you have to receive a call, please do so behind the shooting line.

8. For any leave requests, please notify us BEFORE the course starts, and only one substitute sessions can be arranged. For any leave requests made after the lessons started, no substitution sessions can be arranged.